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Commercial Solutions

Managed IT

As a Managed Service Provider, our goal is to provide a single pane of glass view into your information technology infrastructure, by looking at us as your technology partner our continued understanding of your road map and businesses trajectory will allow us to better serve your growth, by strategically planning for the growth of your business before it happens, we'll always be a step ahead of the next stop.

Pen Testing as a Service - PTaaS

PTaaS is our automated scanning and attack platform that provides on-going visibility into the exploits exposing your organization to risk. Attackers are always monitoring your network, so why aren't you?

With PTaaS it's like having your own Red Team staffed with hackers at a quarter of the cost.

Pen Testing

We use our automated Pen Testing platform at the beginning of every engagement, so the time our pen testers spend throughout the engagement is gear more towards exploitation of identified exploitable host and pivoting though our customers networks.