Pentest Dongle 2G

2G Cellular Raspberry Pi Zero W Pentest USB Dongle

Pentest Dongle

Based on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, our pentest dongle was designed as a platform for pen testers, developers, security enthusiast and professionals to build on. Out of the box you can plug your new dongle into your machine (Mac, PC, Linux) and SSH or VNC to it, if you purchased it with service, just plug it into power and turn the modem on, in about 45 seconds you'll be able to login from any computer connected to the internet.

With Linux Gadget support, turn your dongle into a rouge network adapter, rouge Wi-Fi hotspot, or USB stick.


With built-in cellular connectivity and our Mobile Data Services you'll be able to access your dongle from anywhere!

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Static Addressing
  • IP Sec Tunnel Support
  • Optional Peer-2-Peer Communication (Multiple Devices)
  • US Domestic Service w/ International Roaming

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