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APU4 Based Pentest Platform

Shipping Notice:

Due to the on-going chip shortage deliveries on all products are delayed approximately 2-4 months.
All orders are Built to Order and will ship on a first come first served basis.
Please contact Sales with any questions about future orders, or updates on current orders.
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NetNinja Demo

What is a NetNinja?

A bastion host for your MDF closet, plug into multiple layers of your network to monitor your network remotely with the built in cellular modem.

Based on a PC Engines APU4 board, our NetNinja was designed as a platform for pentesters, developers, security enthusiast and professionals to build on.

Our NetNinja only looks like a router, it's a fully functional 64-bit embedded device with Full Disk Encryption and 2FA with YubiKey HSM and LUKS


Our connectivity solution provides our customers with a high-speed connection with no throttling.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Static Addressing
  • IP Sec Tunnel Support
  • Optional Peer-2-Peer Communication (Multiple Devices)
  • US Domestic Service w/ International Roaming

Monthly Pricing

Data Allowance Monthly Price
1 GB LTE* $15
5 GB LTE* $45
10 GB LTE* $80
25 GB LTE* $200
50 GB LTE* $400
*$8 each additional GB

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