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Mobile Virtual Network Operator

What is an MVNO?

Utilizing both T-mobile's and Verizon's 5G and LTE-Advanced networks, we have access to the second highest priority data on their network.

What does that mean for our customers?
Well it means that we can provide you connectivity in any crowded or densely populated area when it's critical to your business operations to have access to the internet.

Why should I choose Xcape, Inc.®?

Not only do we offer you flat rate worldwide data across with the power of two national providers, backing our infrastructure. We've always worked closely with out network partners to provide our customers with the best rates, highest speed, and best uptime and availability on the market.

  • High Priority means never getting bounced off a tower!
  • No Throttling Ever!
  • $8 / GB Flat Rate Worldwide Data in 266 Countries
  • Optional Static Addressing
  • Optional Private APN
  • IP Sec Tunneling Support

Our SIM Management Platform

Cellular customers can login using the IoT Login button above to view their usage and suspend and resume service.

Ask us about how you can have your own SIM management platform and sell cellular services with your product or service.