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LTE Encrypted Raspberry Pi 4 Remote Access Tool

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Due to the on-going chip shortage deliveries on all products are delayed approximately 2-4 months.
All orders are Built to Order and will ship on a first come first served basis.
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Pi Remote Access Tool

Based on a Raspberry Pi 4, our pentest dropbox was designed as a remote access tool for pentesters, developers, security enthusiast and professionals to build on. Out of the box you can easily configure your new dropbox as a passive shell inside a target network.

With the latest version we've finally added full disk encryption to the Raspberry Pi, using FIDO2 LUKS and a YubiKey for headless decryption. Now with optional battery and PoE you can keep your encrypted device up and running during power failures. Lastly we've added GPS support.

With the addition of our recovery image, reset and re-deploy your device with new encryption keys with the push of a button.


With built-in cellular connectivity and our Mobile Data Services you'll be able to access your dropbox from anywhere!

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Static Addressing
  • IP Sec Tunnel Support
  • Optional Peer-2-Peer Communication (Multiple Devices)
  • US Domestic Service w/ International Roaming

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