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4G Dual Modem Router

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Due to the on-going chip shortage deliveries on all products are delayed approximately 2-4 months.
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High Speed mobile internet solutions are often plagued by high latency, and service drops. With the VeriHaul we use any and all available internet connections, which includes 2 separate cellular providers, all connected simultaneously to provide ultra-high-speed low latency connections in areas previously not possible. The units can also be daisy-chained together to ultimately create a larger "pipe".

The VariHaul is a Multiplexing Cellular router that uses 2 cellular connections and up to 2 additional WAN connections to provide high-bandwidth low latency connections. Perfect for live streaming, remote broadcast, and other remote high-bandwidth applications.


The VariHaul Dual Radio Cellular Router, with an AWS instance that ingest the connections providing the conduit to make several connections appear as one.

  • 3 Gigabit 2 WAN, 1 LAN
  • 2 CAT 6 LTE Modems
  • LTE Peak ~240 Mbps Down / ~90 Mbps
  • LTE Avg. ~120 Mbps Down / ~60 Mbps
  • OpenWRT


Monthly Pricing

Data Allowance Monthly Price
1 GB LTE* $35
5 GB LTE* $65
10 GB LTE* $100
25 GB LTE* $250
50 GB LTE* $450
*$10 each additional GB

Ordering Options

Ordering Options