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About Us

At Xcape, Inc.®, we are a team of cybersecurity professionals specializing in building, connecting, supporting, and securing mission-critical infrastructure. We provide comprehensive security solutions that eliminate security risks and allow businesses from Main St to Wall St to focus on what they do best.

Our journey began in 2006 when our founder, Tj McClearin, recognized businesses' challenges in finding reliable expert technical support. We understood that most companies needed more senior IT professionals at a price conducive to their business. Still, small businesses couldn't survive by having a knowledgeable enough team member or the kid down the street just starting out handling their IT.

Providing customers with Managed IT Solutions dealing with issues like:

  • Tech Support
  • Email Setup and Support
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Networking
  • Software Updates
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Virus / Malware / Ransomware Removal
  • Web Site Support
  • Security
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    Carl Vincent joined the team in 2014 as our CTO. That was the start of our pivot from an MSP to a boutique security firm that additionally provides:

    In 2018, we began manufacturing hardware to support other pen testers and security practitioners. Our full disk-encrypted, LTE-connected platform allows our small team of pen testers to scale effectively.

    In 2019, we established an MVNO to provide end-to-end secure connectivity for our engagements. As the first and only security firm that builds its hardware and manages connectivity, we offer a unique value proposition to our clients.

    Now, in 2023, we are proud to launch PTaaS, the evolution of our previous work. PTaaS automates our successful pen testing methodology into an engine, freeing our pen testers to focus on pen testing rather than vulnerability scans. Our team of hackers has no limit to what we can achieve with technology, and we provide real results to help our clients be secure and grow.

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    At Xcape, Inc.®, we see ourselves as the last call you'll make in IT. Our team of cybersecurity professionals is dedicated to delivering comprehensive security solutions that eliminate security risks so that our clients can focus on their core business.

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