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Managed IT Service Provider

What is a Managed Service Provider?

We provide a range of IT services and support for customers who rather focus on the core of their business rather than manage IT infrastructure.

With this business relationship we look at ourselves as your technical partner, providing your team with valuable resources and insight into different ways we can use technology to help secure, streamline, and grow your business.

Utilizing our single pane of glass methodology for management, we provide our clients the 5 9's of reliability every business owner wants without your team having to manage any of the technical infrastructure.

Who do we Help?

  • Start-Ups

  • Home Offices
  • Independent Contractors
  • Individuals
  • Remote Workers
  • Work From Home
  • Small & Medium Businesses

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Enterprises

  • Aerospace
  • Governments
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Law Firms
  • Manufactures

How do managed services work?

Remote Monitoring & Management Agent

Nationwide Coverage

Our RMM agent gets installed on all company computers and servers. With that installed we obtain visibility into your infrastructure allowing us to be proactive vs. reactive. Through partnerships with other MSP’s we can provide coverage in over 100+ cities and growing nationwide. Giving us the ability to cover you outside of LA, SF, and SD.

Ticket System

Virtual CTO

Our ticketing system tracks user issues helping us identify systemic problems to be resolved. The desktop agent makes it simple to open tickets for support. The account manager assigned to you is responsible for learning how your company uses technology. Providing resources and suggestions to help with operations, planning, and deployments.

Managed Detection & Response

Patch Management

We include BitDefender Gravityzone MDR for anti-virus protection of all endpoints that we manage. We manage the patch level of Operating systems and Line of Business (LOB) applications used within your organization.

What do we Manage?

  • Internet Service
  • Phone Service
  • Web Hosting
  • Desktop Users
  • Work From Home Users
  • Servers
  • NAS
  • Backup
  • File Shares
  • Line Of Business Software
  • Line Of Business Hardware
  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace
  • Quickbooks
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Wireless Networks
  • Wired Networks
  • SD-WAN
  • Mobile Devices
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Most things with a button..

Our Methodology

Our single pane of glass methodology for management means our team is always monitoring our control panels that are responsible the mitigating vulnerabilities, keeping systems and applications updated, and overall service availability for services hosted internally that are relevant to business operations.



By using industry best practices for related services relevant to your infrastructure, we aim to prevent issues with proper maintenance and patching so that systems are always operational. Monitoring with reporting, and a single dashboard to manage and monitor customer owned equipment, usage and uptime metrics.



Alerts generate a ticket for our support team that prompts us to take action when an outage is identified or a machine falls out of the usage metrics we’ve identified. Resolving new issues, or systemic ones that are seemingly unsolvable are our specialty. Solving problems is our business!

Why customers choose us!

Pricing Our pricing is designed to scale based on our customers org size.
Responsiveness Our support contracts include SLA’s for response times.
Quality Our goal is always to solve problems the correct way.
Experience Our team is comprised of industry experts and career professionals.
Hardware and Software We manage both hardware and software.
Managed Detection & Response Modern malware detection.
Vulnerability Management Our Vulnerability suite helps us secure your environment.
Business Development Our team is available to you for more than just support, we look at ourselves as the Virtual CTO’s of your business, looking for ways to enhance your business though automation and process analysis.

How about a Demo?

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Support Contract Options

Select one of the options below to learn more and sign up!

Service Level Description Price Per Month
  • 6 Hour of Remote Support 1
  • Monitoring for up to 5 Devices 2
  • MDR for 5 up to Devices 3
  • Vulnerability Management for up to 5 Devices
  • Ticket System Style Support
  • $500 / Month
  • 10 Hours of Remote Support 1
  • Monitoring for up to 10 Devices 2
  • MDR for up to 10 Devices 3
  • Vulnerability Management for up to 10 Devices
  • Ticket System Style Support
  • $750 / Month
    Small Business
  • 20 Hour of Remote Support 1
  • Monitoring for 50 Devices 2
  • MDR for up to 50 Devices 3
  • Vulnerability Management for up to 50 Devices
  • Ticket System Style Support
  • $2,500 / Month
  • 40 Hour of Remote Support 1
  • Monitoring for up to 200 Devices 2
  • MDR for up to 200 Devices 3
  • Vulnerability Management for up to 200 Devices
  • Ticket System Style Support
  • $7,500 / Month
  • 80 Hours of Remote Support 1
  • Monitoring for up too 400 Devices 2
  • MDR for up to 400 Devices 3
  • Vulnerability Management for up to 400 Devices
  • Ticket System Style Support
  • Dedicated Support Staff
  • $15,000 / Month
    1 1 Hour Remote = 45 Min On-Site
    2 $10 /each additional Computer/Server
    3 $7 / each additional Computer/Server


    Managed Detection & Response Options

    Upgrade from the included BitDefender Gravityzone MDR solution.

    Product Description Pricing
    SentinelOne Control Control delivers multi-layered AI-powered endpoint protection, with Static AI pre-execution protection for known and unknown file-based malware, and Behavioral AI agent-side behavioral monitoring that covers any attack vector, including unknown exploits and bypass attempts of traditional anti-virus.

    The Behavioral AI engine is built to detect and mitigate malicious code and scripts in documents and is capable of detecting fileless attacks and exploits. Lateral Movement uses Behavioral AI to discover attempts coming from another device over the network.

    Control offers attack remediation, cleaning all artifacts of a malicious attempt, including registry, scheduled tasks and more, while Rollback Revert returns an endpoint its pre-infected state. Upon detection, SentinelOne can immediately stop lateral threat spread cold by disconnecting the infected endpoint from the network while still maintaining the agent’s connection to the management console.
    per device
    SentinelOne Complete SentinelOne Complete also adds advanced capabilities such as threat hunting and Deep Visibility. It provides prevention and detection of attacks across all major vectors, rapid elimination of threats with fully automated, policy-driven response capabilities, and complete visibility into the endpoint environment with full-context, real-time forensics.

    SentinelOne Complete includes Advanced EDR/Threat Hunting, which provides the ability to search for attack indicators, investigate existing incidents, perform file integrity monitoring and root out hidden threats. It includes an Attack Storyline, a visual diagram representing an execution flow, helping IR teams to quickly evaluate the impact of any threat. Advanced capabilities include Deep Visibility into every event on the agent, including the ability to search for historic data, and visibility into the encrypted network traffic without pushing certificates or the need for expensive SSL appliances/blades.
    per device


    Can I add additional users to this plan?

    Short answer yes.
    Additional Users: $5/mo per user
    Additional RMM Endpoints: $10/mo per desktop / laptop
    Additional MDR Endpoints: $7/mo per server (Virtual or Physical)