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Security Assessments

What are Security Assessments?

Security Assessment services are used to help organizations examine their readiness for compliance standards as they relate to a customers industry or business unit. With these services we'll identify the issue, and provide industry best practice remediation planning. Unlike other firms we can be contracted to assist organizations complete the more complex remediation activities on behalf of our customers.

Along with the security assessment services here, we additionally provide assessments that correlate with different regulatory compliance standards for a number of different industries which include but are not limited to:

  • Communicators
  • Entertainment
  • Federal Contractors
  • Retail

Network Penetration Testing (Internal / External)

Providing both internal and external network penetration test so that we can provide customers visibility into the risk their infrastructure imposes before a breach a occurs, and then during a breach.

These services result in a comprehensive report with possible business impact, and remediation advice. Unlike a lot of other pentesting firms, we'll also provide you with leading support for remediation of any findings our team turns up.

Application Security Assessment

Are you releasing a new application? Curious about what security holes might be present in your application? Let our team of skilled pentesters examine your application or API to determine what access users and non users have and how those access levels can be manipulated to produce unwanted access.