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Wireless Assessments

Wireless Penetration Testing & Assessment

What is a Wireless Assessment?

Wireless while a convince often is forgotten about the dangers of wireless networks as it relates to access to corporate infrastructure, intellectual property, and private customer information.

A wireless assessment provides information relevant to what systems are accessible via the wireless network, what kinds of devices are in your area of operation, what attacks is the wireless network seeing during regular day to day operation, and last but not least how an attacker might use access to your network to gain access to different systems within your infrastructure.

How do you provide Wireless Audits?

Our NetNinja is a device we developed internally with the ability to audit 2.4 & 5 GHz wireless networks. Once deployed we can remotely connect to it over our LTE network

Why would I need a Wireless Assessments?

Ever had information get compromised and not really sure how? Have you ever considered a rouge access point attack? Internet performance may not be quite what you expect, your shopping on secure pages, but somehow your credit card number gets stolen?

It might come as a s surprise but it's far more common to have the weak security of your wireless network, or your well known unchanged wifi credentials used against you in an attack where the attacker stands up a wifi signal that is the exact same as yours, capturing everything you do on the internet.

Likely targets include:

  • Wealthy Neighborhoods
  • Business Parks
  • Commercial Districts
  • Retail Shops
  • Anywhere with Open or semi public wireless networks
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