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Remote Penetration Testing

Products & Solutions

What is Remote Pentesting?

A Remote penetration test is the same as a regular penetration test, with the exception of our team spending 1-2 weeks on-site at your office. The only thing a pentester brings with them, are their computer and their experience so we extended our teams reach by providing remote access to all our pentesting tools.

After years of struggling with the beginning of pentest; asset enumeration, connectivity with client environments, virtualized pentest containers, etc. we've developed this systems so that our team can quickly and easily get connected to our clients infrastructure providing our team visibility to your whole network.

How do Remote Pentest Work?

Instead of sending pen testers to a customers location, we send equipment. The target infrastructure and size will determine for us what of our devices get deployed.

Take a look at our NetNinja in action here.

What if we aren't Pentesters?

You don't have to be, thats the best part about this solution for our customers is that it is truly plug and play for your entire team. You plug in our devices to your network / host machines, and with our builtin cellular network we're able to connect and configure our devices for remote scanning and attacking of your network infrastructure.

And then we'll work with your internal IT team to build an asset list for us to target.

Don't worry if that sounds like to much still we have a solution called PTaaS or Penetration Testing as a Service, utilizing the NetNinja from our lineup of remote pen testing products.

Click to find out more about our automated penetration testing platform that automates scanning and attack year round for our customers.

What if we are Pentesters?

How does it sound having a network of privately accessible devices used to reek havoc on your customers networks?

We thought it was pretty neat, so we built an LTE network and several devices that alone are pretty fun toys, but together make up our Remote Pentesting Platform. Most of our devices have the ability to capture packets and participate in collecting data from large scale wireless assessments allowing us to scan physically large spaces and infrastructure simply by deploying hardware.

We sell our pentesting products as well as an optional management interface for our products and other devices you'd like to fleet manage. Find out more about our remote pentesting products or schedule a demo.