Residential & Commercial

Information Security Services

We offer a full range of Information Security Services covering our customers pre-breach with Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Auditing Services, to Active Threat Hunting, Digital Forensics & Incident Response, mid and post breach. We understand timing is everything when it comes to responding to a breach. Our team’s engagement onboarding process can get new customers up and running with a Forensic investigator within 15 minutes of making contact with us.

Our methodology when it comes to security is taking the latest tools and resources developed internally and those designed by industry leaders, coupled with our team of expert’s years of experience providing high level actionable intelligence on active engagements. Our team won’t waste your time with false positives or rubber stamp another vendor’s report, our reporting and security assessment methodology is tailored to your businesses risk profile.

Our Appliance (Coming Soon)

Our latest value add is our security based remote testing appliance. With our bundled product and service offering you get access to our team at the onset of an incident, and with our appliance in place running our hardware and tools, we can more effectively react to ongoing incidents. Some of the features included in our appliance include but not limited to:

  • Out-Of-Band LTE Connectivity
  • Wireless Spectrum Analysis
  • SEIM Integration
  • Failover Internet Built-In
  • Scheduled Automated Vulnerability Checks